What if tuning into abundance and creating an influx of ideal clients, creative ideas, energy, and the consistent money flow you desire was as easy as flipping to the abundance channel on your TV?

What if I told you that you have a personal abundance channel, and that it can be easily and effortlessly accessed in your mind, through how you think?

Would you be willing to open up to it?

Ask yourself:

What is YOUR dream?

Has it stayed at arm’s length?

Are you frustrated that things haven’t changed in the ways you had hoped?

Do you feel guilt, shame, or regret because you still haven’t achieved that dream you’ve been working so hard at?

Whatever it is you want, if you aren’t currently accessing a flow of abundance in your life – whether it be clients, money, joy, passion, synchronicities, opportunities, or ample resources to create freedom, it just means you’re tuned into the wrong channel.

It’s kind of like when you’re scrolling through the channels on your TV, and you stumble upon one you like, but when you click on it you get the message “you are not subscribed to this channel”.

Has that ever happened to you?

The channel is there, but you just haven’t subscribed to it.

In that case, the answer is pretty simple. You call the cable company and upgrade your subscription to include that channel.
And then, voila! You now have access to all that goes with your subscription to that channel.

What if you could upgrade your mindset to broadcast

the abundance channel 24/7?

I’ve been studying energy, abundance, and success mindset for the past 14+ years from some of the most successful business owners and universal law mentors out there.

And what has become very clear to me over those years is that how you think is THE starting point for everything that comes into your life.

Once I realized this in my own life, I finally felt like I had control over what I wanted.  

But it certainly didn’t always feel like this to me. In fact, quite the opposite.

For way too long I felt like I had little to no control over my ability to create what I really wanted.

I signed up for so many programs that would teach me how to build a successful business, how to create a freedom lifestyle, how to create more consistent cash flow and more. 

I would follow every step of every program, do all of the work, and while I’d see little improvements here and there, I still felt like I really had no real control over my income or my ability to really get what I wanted.

I finally hit my rock bottom. I had tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING WORKED!

That is when it hit me. I finally realized I had to stop looking “out there” for the answer, and instead start looking on the inside.

I thought I was a positive person, but oh boy, was I wrong! 

Once I started focusing on shifting my mindset, I saw all of the ways I had been blocking myself from within.

All of the ways my small thoughts were stopping me.

It was a real wake up call.

It wasn’t long after that that my newly adopted mindset started to take root and sprout. 

Money started coming in more easily. I felt more connected to my true self. I was more focused. And I was more committed than ever to creating the life I want.

Now I’m working with dream clients on a schedule that works for me. I have time freedom to travel approximately every 90 days. I bought my first luxury handbag that had been on my vision board for at least 5 years. And I’m finally doing the home upgrades I’ve been wanting to do for over a decade!

It all started turning around once I paid attention to what was going on

between my two ears. 

Energy flows where attention goes

If you are 100% satisfied with what you have and want nothing more, then your mindset is probably on the right things.

But…if there is something more that you want in your life (like there is for most successful, driven people) or if you keep missing the mark on something that is really important to you, the answer doesn’t lie “out there”.

The answer lies WITHIN.

In how you think – aka your MINDSET.

Creation of anything you desire first begins in your mind. With your thoughts.

Unfortunately, most of us are conditioned to believe more in what we can see on the outside and to pay little to no attention to the vast powers we have within our mind to believe what is yet only a seed of an idea.

We live our lives reacting to what we see, rather than creating from our vision.

There is little to no power to that approach.

And then we wonder why life can seem so hard at times!

The answer to finding the fulfillment, peace, joy, wealth, and freedom you seek is by turning your focus first inward – and thinking certain thoughts in a certain way.

Once you plant the seed in your mind, and nurture it with a healthy mindset day after day, that mindset inspires you with the confidence you need to take actions that are in alignment with it.

Mindset => Action => Result

It really IS that simple.

But it isn’t always easy.

Which is why I want to help you take the first step in creating some new mental habits and a healthier money, freedom, and abundance mindset through my 21-day program….

Tune Your Mind to Wealth:

21-Days to More Clients, Freedom, and Money Flow


Imagine connecting every day with a powerful idea that can focus you on the right things in the right way. A big thought that would inspire the right next step that can move you in the direction of the things you want….

….like taking that trip you’ve been longing to go on

…getting that certification you want to take to grow your skills and expand on your gifts

…launching that business that wants to come alive in the world

…buying that vacation home in the perfect ideal location

…creating enough money so that you can live well and work only when you want to, or not at all

…having the time to spend on YOU and your passion projects

…(insert your desires here!)


That is exactly what we’ll do in the Tune Your Mind to Wealth 21-Day On-Demand Program.

Every day for 21 days, you’ll get the opportunity to study one of 21 different power ideas – a new idea every day — that can get you focusing on the right things so that you create a shift in your mindset.

You’ll also receive the guidance and structure to set daily goals that get you on the path to living your dreams now.

You’ll feel like you have a mindset coach in your back pocket reminding you what to focus on to start creating more flow, abundance, joy, and yes, resources – financial, time, creative – whatever allows you to fully express yourself and your dreams.

The 21 ideas I will share with you are not new or groundbreaking. They are simply the ideas that success-minded people engage with every day to achieve their goals.

Why 21?

Because it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. 21 days of consistent focus in a specific direction.

Success isn’t hard. It just takes diligence of focus.

And that is what this program will help you do. We’ll be building a new habit of thinking that can spring forth a new result in your life. So I’ll ask you again…

What is YOUR dream?

Has it stayed at arm’s length?

Are you frustrated that things haven’t changed in the ways you had hoped?

Do you feel guilt, shame, or regret because you still haven’t achieved that dream you’ve been working so hard at?

The KEY to living your dream is to first tune your mind to thoughts that create success.

When empowering ideas are added together and multiplied through daily focus, inspired ideas, new ways of being, and new results will flow into your life.

It simply takes thinking certain thoughts, holding your focus on them as you go through your day, and taking the actions inspired by your new focus.

And that is the goal of the Tune Your Mind to Wealth 21-Day On-Demand Program.

In just 21 days, you will have access to an “abundance toolbox”, that when integrated, will put you well on your way to building a habit of thinking thoughts that lead to the success you dream of.


How Do You Know If Your Mindset Needs an Upgrade? 

Your mindset needs an upgrade if: 

    • You know you are a good, smart, hard-working person but it seems like no matter what you do or how many 7-step programs you complete, you still aren’t experiencing the success you’ve been dreaming of
    • You feel guilt, shame, or even regret at some of the choices you’ve made because they didn’t manage to get you where you wanted to go
    • You look around and wonder why some people seem to have it so easy while you continue to struggle to create what you want
    • You’ve thought more than once that maybe there’s something wrong with you or that you aren’t meant to have what you want
    • You worry that maybe you’ll never be able to bring in the money, freedom, or lifestyle you dream of
    • You’ve worked hard, took calculated risks, and yet you still haven’t figured out what the missing piece is that is standing between you and what you want

If any of these things feels true for you, the answer isn’t working harder or following yet another 7-step formula. The answer lies between your ears.


“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

How Does the Tune Your Mind to Wealth 21-Day Program Work?

  • When you sign up, you’ll get 12 months of access to 21 mini-trainings that are 10-20 minutes in length. Each mini-training will function as your Message of the Day – a message that will help you make a little shift in how you think and how you approach your day so you get aligned with the principles of abundance.  I recommend that you watch just one message per day and practice living that message as you go through the day.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to set your intentions for each day and then reflect on your daily progress as you move through the 21-day program. Guidance and a structure will be provided on how to do this.
  • As you follow the program, setting daily intentions and listening to and integrating one message each day for 21 days, you’ll see where your mindset is NOT supporting you, and you’ll notice how you are shifting your mindset to one that is more supportive of living your dreams so you take the actions necessary to achieve your goals and live the life you desire!

How cool would it be to get clear and focused on what you want, and then effortlessly step into the stream that will lead you there?

Imagine feeling in such total alignment with those desires in your heart, that moving closer to them simply becomes the next logical step?

Imagine letting go of resistance and allowing your power of focus to get you where you want to go?

That kind of alignment and flow starts with a healthy mindset tuned to abundance. And that’s exactly what we’ll jump start for you through the Tune Your Mind to Wealth 21-Day On-Demand Program.

As we turn the corner on the second half of the year, there is no better time to renew and refresh your mind with thoughts that empower, inspire, and create a flow of positivity and abundance (and fun!) into your business and life so you can end the year strong.

What is the investment?

I want to make this a simple, no-brainer YES for you, which is why for a limited time, the investment is just $144 total – yep, that’s just a little more than the cost of a large latte per day for a daily abundance mindset activation that will inspire the shifts, steps, confidence, and focus you need to move powerfully toward what you want.

I don’t think I need to tell you the power and lifetime value that building a new healthy habit can have on your life. The value of this program far exceeds this small investment.

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In this exclusive activation audio that I created for a private program, you will learn the 6 steps that activate your power to receive your heart and soul desires. Listen daily for an extra boost of inspiration, or use this process anytime you want to create something new in your life.

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Tune Your Mind to Wealth 21-Day On-Demand Program

Enroll Now in the Tune Your Mind to Wealth
21-Day On-Demand Program



ONLY $144


If you want to be the person who lives a high-vibe, inspired life, I am committed to helping you. I look forward to being your daily mindset and abundance coach to help you create new mental habits that will align you with your desires so you can start bringing them into your life.

Abundantly yours,

Jill Hope

P.S. When you put your mind on empowering ideas every day, you train yourself to focus on the things that will move you toward what you want rather than focusing on what you lack. This shift in focus draws the opportunities, circumstances, people, inspired ideas, and personal power you need to fully step into your brilliance and SHINE.

Enroll Now in the Tune Your Mind to Wealth
21-Day On-Demand Program



ONLY $144

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