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Here’s the details…

I can’t wait to watch you UPLEVEL over the next 6 months together…

Each month, you will gain access to two workshops that will infuse you with the mindset and action steps you need to uplevel. You will also be guided to identify your uplevel opportunities, boundaries that need to be set or upgraded, areas where you’ve been settling or tolerating, and create new standards and commitments. 

Here’s where you can access your workshops:

[Workshop page link]

You’ll also receive a monthly deep-dive group coaching session where you will be supported to integrate and implement the shifts and uplevels that will align you with the higher-level version of you who is living your dream life.


Here’s the schedule for the monthly group coaching session:


[Zoom Link]

I’m so excited to help you set the tone for the 2023 so you can finally create the biz, bank account, and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

We’re rapidly moving out of the time when settling and sacrificing your dreams is considered noble. In fact, it is your divine responsibility to listen to the soul desires of your heart, tune into your true voice, and start living the life you’re capable of. 


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