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How I Created My First Speaking Gig

Apr 15, 2024

Most of us have been conditioned to have someone outside of us decide when we can ascend to the next level.

The teacher moved you up to the next grade.

You received a certification to tell you when your skills were good enough.

The boss decided when you were ready for a promotion.

So now when you’re running your own business and you’re ready to expand, this old conditioning can get in your own way.

You might hesitate to make powerful decisions that will elevate you to that next level.

You might doubt your readiness.

You might think you need another certification, or more training.

But the thing is, you don’t need any of those things. You simply need to DECIDE to do it, and then give yourself permission to have, do, or be it!

I distinctly remember when I decided to become a speaker. I had no formal training. I didn’t have the first idea about how to pull off my own event.

But I had the desire.

So, I came up with a great topic, made an outline of the talk, booked the community room at my local library, made a flyer, and canvassed all of the retail and business located near the venue.

And then seemingly out of the blue, a local principal called me and asked if he could sponsor my event and paid me very well to do so. And he became one of several local businesses to sponsor me.

Oh, and did I mention the event was sold out?!

To top it off, I pulled all of this together in 5 weeks, from concept to the event.

It all happened because instead of waiting for someone to give me permission or a special speaking certificate, or an invitation to speak, I just leveraged the power of my desire mixed with a powerful DECISION.

If you’re waiting to be noticed, saved, invited, or “promoted”, it’s time to realize that the only person who needs to promote you is YOU.

You’re good enough to grab hold of your desires and create them NOW.

If you’re wrestling with self-doubt or feel like there’s something holding you back from creating the success in your business that you desire, then listen to my “Own Your Value On-Demand Masterclass”. In it, I give you the keys to take back your authority in your business and as an expression of your future self now. Get instant access to the masterclass here:

Hi, I’m Jill

Welcome to IShine Wealth! I’m excited to be your guide as you uncover the riches within you, own your true value, and express it in your business in a way that attracts ideal high-paying clients who love you. 

How did I get here? After leaving a successful 22 year corporate career to follow my passions and start my own coaching business, I thought it would be easy to make money in my new venture.

Boy was I wrong. Through all of my struggles to “do it right” and follow coaches who had already created their success, I realized in the pursuit to follow everyone else’s 7-step path to success, I hadn’t discovered MY path.

This discovery led me on a journey of self-discovery to find my own unique path in my business, one that aligned with my true value and authentic self.

Now I’m excited to help other women like you to discover YOUR unique value and incorporate it into your business and life to create the ease, flow, and peace you desire. 


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