Welcome to the Magnetic to Money Challenge!

This program will challenge you to tap back into your inner treasures as you rediscover and reclaim your true, authentic voice.

Once you do, money becomes SO much easier as you connect with the TRUE you and naturally attract what you desire.


To be successful in this challenge, make sure you are in a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted. Have a notebook and something to write with available as you listen to each video below, in order.

After you have finished each video, reflect on the self-reflection questions and complete the simple activity. Following these essential steps will allow you to both personalize and take the lessons deeper so you can apply them in your life and to your goals.

Wishing you great success!

BONUS Report

Video Lessons

Lesson 1: The Voice of Desire

Lesson 2: The Voice of Intuition

Lesson 3: The Voice of Self-Acceptance

Lesson 4: The Voice of Trust

Lesson 5: The Voice of Money

BONUS Closing Visualization:
The Wings of Possibility

Ready to say YES to your next level vision for your life and business so you can spread your wings and finally live the life you’ve been dreaming of – one where you are naturally magnetic to the money, purpose, passion, and deep fulfillment that comes from living an authentically rich life?

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