Jill Hope Bio:

Jill Hope is a money mindset coach for women, a writer, inspirational speaker, and founder of I Shine®️.

After a successful 22-year corporate career, Jill made the leap into entrepreneurship to pursue her passion of empowering women to embody their authentic voice, own and express their unique gifts, and make more money doing purpose-based work that they love.

In addition to Jill’s coaching practice, she runs her signature program “Love Yourself RICH”, which specifically guides women to rediscover, reconnect with, and embrace their authentic voice and shows them how to unleash it in their business.

Jill shares inspiration and tips through her free weekly videos on her YouTube channel that help mompreneurs to shift their thinking, align with their vision, and make the money they desire (https://www.youtube.com/@JillHope-ishinewealth).

This is Jill’s second iteration of her business, having built a successful initial business coaching moms to build confidence and inner strength in their kids, and certifying facilitators to empower kids through her proprietary I Shine®️ Inner Wellness Curriculum and Powerful Girl Within®️ Curriculum.


Jill Hope | I Shine® Coaching and Wellness Programs, LLC

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