High-Paying Clients Mentorship

A Daring Approach to Earning at
Least $8-$10K Every Month Doing
Work You Love

Are you ready to finally discover the key within you that unlocks the

money, fulfillment,
flexibility, and FUN

you crave in your life and business?

Dear Mompreneur,

Imagine for a moment:

  • No longer needing to worry about where your next client is going to come from
  • Letting go of the fear that you might need to quit your purpose-based business and get a J-O-B again
  • Seeing your actions in your business become more effective as your reach and impact finally grow
  • Feeling greater freedom around your schedule, with plenty of time for your family AND your business 
  • Trusting your business to finally make money, consistently
  • Letting go of self-doubt, guilt, second-guessing yourself, and worrying about money…AT LAST!

If that were true, what would be possible for you?

What would that feel like to know you are creating your life exactly as you desire?

Would you…

  • Be able to provide the amazing experiences for your family that you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Finally earn as much money as you desire and require to live your best life?
  • Become such a powerful presence that you easily attract your perfect ideal clients because they find you irresistible?
  • Make the most of your beautiful gifts and have the massive impact you were born to make?
  • Model for your family what it looks like to fully be on purpose and make a difference in this world?
  • Unleash more of the true authentic YOU in your business and in life?
  • Treat yourself like a QUEEN and finally claim the things you want?
  • Have more FUN in your biz and life!?


Life is good
“I had a huge shift. I feel much more secure and solid about money in my business.”

“Before I did Jill’s program, I felt stuck in the same patterns, comparing myself with other people when it came to my business. Something was just not working, and I was always wondering “Why are other people so successful?” I felt disempowered with money and not in my authority around how much I can earn from my business. In fact, I didn’t even want to think about or deal with money or my relationship with it! As a result of the program, I had a huge shift. I feel much more secure and solid about money in my business. I feel more confident in what I’m doing. I see where I have been letting go of my authority. And now I can look at money, enjoy it, and even have a healthy relationship with it.”

~ Leigh K

Essence Yoga

“Results started coming in the moment I enrolled when I received an unexpected tax check that was within $5 of the exact cost of the program!”


“Working with Jill helped me pinpoint areas where I was stuck but couldn’t quite see and behaviors I didn’t even know I had. This allowed me to get a different perspective and empower myself to make changes in a way that felt fun, natural, and freeing. Results started coming in the moment I enrolled when I received an unexpected tax check that was within $5 of the exact cost of the program! Then, within a few months since starting the program a stagnant investment finally came through in the form of a check for $10,000 that we weren’t expecting. It’s fun to watch my household income increase steadily month to month and in a fun and easy way.”

~ Linda S

But right now you may feel stuck. Maybe you still aren’t seeing a consistent flow of money and you’re always left worrying about where the next client will come from. You may even secretly worry that you might have to stop putting your time and money into your dream business and go back and get a “real” job.

Or maybe you feel frustrated working so hard and yet making so little month after month and you begin to question whether you can be a mom AND create a financially successful business. You made great money in your previous career, but you’re not sure you can make enough money on your own doing the work you’re truly passionate about. 

You see the vision of the life you want to create, but the money flow just isn’t there to support it.

If that sounds like you, I’m here to help.

You see, that was my life not too long ago.

After leaving a successful corporate career to start my business, I spent year after year setting financial goals in my business, only to miss the mark. Then I would spiral into a pattern of feeling frustrated, angry, and even desperate.

I deeply desired to make more consistent money in the busines I was so passionate about while also giving my family amazing experiences that I wanted to share with them. I wanted to be able to work less and spend more time with my son. I wanted to deepen my spiritual connection. I wanted to travel more frequently and in more luxurious ways.

I finally hit the breaking point when I thought I’d have to quit my business and get a “real job”.

After yet another month of coming up short financially, I looked around my home and saw all of the critical projects I couldn’t afford to do. I saw the debt piling up. I saw the experiences I wasn’t able to give to my family.

I felt powerless and like a victim. Like no matter what I do, I can’t have what I want.

And I felt terribly guilty….like I was letting my family down, or worse yet, jeopardizing my family’s financial resources.

As a result of all of my study and experience in the field of self-growth, I realized that something had to be getting in the way of my making decent, consistent money in my purpose-based business.

I had to admit that I was stuck in a bad habit of consistently underearning, and I was determined to figure out what was causing it and more importantly, how to turn it around.

I finally decided enough was enough. It was time to experience life in another way.

So I set off to break this old pattern of underearning and never feeling like I had enough, which I came to understand was rooted in fear and low self-worth.

I decided to create a new pattern from love rather than fear.

And you know what I discovered?

The more I started accepting myself and the less I judged myself (something us moms are really good at!), the more money I made.

At first, I didn’t realize the connection between my self-acceptance and my money. I had simply been focusing on giving myself more loving kindness, not through obvious things like body treatments or meditation, but through listening to myself more and shifting how I talked to myself in my quiet thoughts.

And as I listened more to the voice of my authentic self and the less to the voice of my inner critic, my income began going up (even when I was going through a transition in my work and even during a pandemic!).

When I took a step back and actually looked at what was going on, I realized that the biggest change I had made was that I started to listen to and love myself again.

And the fruits of all of these efforts showed up in my financial results!  

That is when I really saw the truth in the statement: 

Everything you want comes from within you.

I finally realized that I had to start giving more priority to my true, authentic voice. Once I started making that voice the one I listened to, money started showing up in ways it never had before.

The voice of your Authentic Abundant Self knows you are worthy of doing work that is purposeful and fulfilling AND getting paid richly and abundantly for it.

But to a large degree you’ve probably shut down this voice or ignored or judged it, and instead listened to the voices of self-betrayal and self-sabotage when making important decisions that impact your business and your money.

Add in the “mom guilt” and the other patterns we moms typically experience, like putting everyone else first and you and your business last, and it’s not surprising that your business isn’t flourishing!

What I discovered is as I disconnected from these voices of self-sabotage and the patterns that support them, and reconnected and reclaimed the voices of my authentic self (yes, there is more than just one voice that supports you!), I began making decisions from a place of love rather than fear.

And as I did, I eased myself along the path of my true purpose, where all of the freedom, fulfillment, and yes, riches, are accessible.

What if YOU could connect with and trust your authentic voice – the one that knows your personal path to the

money, freedom, and fulfillment

you crave?

(and do it without the “mom-guilt” and second-guessing!)

When you free your voice and allow your authentic expression out in all the important areas of your life, you become MAGNETIC to the money and business success you want and become free to truly SHINE.

And when YOU shine, not only are you able to give more to those you love, but your kids reap even greater benefits as they receive more of your true presence and learn what it looks like to take ownership of yourself and your life.

I am so passionate about helping mompreneurs listen to their true, authentic voice and help them have the courage and confidence to let it guide them, so they can step into their money power and SHINE in their life and work.

And that is why I created the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club!

The Wealthy Mompreneurs Club is a 12-month coaching program that will help you to fully awaken, embrace, and embody each of the 5 voices of your true authentic self — the self that, when you embrace it, will lead you to greater inner confidence, more consistent money, greater freedom and fulfillment, and ultimate success in your purpose-driven business.

Then, you’ll learn how to let your authentic voice guide you as you create the money engine for your business, so that you can magnetize ideal clients, confidently charge premium prices, and live an exquisite lifestyle of your making.

Through the lessons, activities, visualizations, self-reflection exercises, and business application contained within my signature Love Yourself RICH Process and my High-End Sales Blueprint, both of which I teach in this program, as well as transformational group coaching that will help you integrate and implement the teachings in your business, this program has been carefully designed to support you on a personal journey to reconnect with, accept, trust, and unleash your TRUE, authentic voices — the 5 voices that manifest money — and infuse that into your business, which opens up access to more highly motivated ideal clients, more money, and the luxe, freedom-based lifestyle you desire. Each participant’s journey will look different and be unique to your individual needs.

This is NOT a ‘one-size-fits-all’ program and no two journeys will look the same.

However you will get out of this program exactly what YOU need to make way more money doing the work that you love.

Through the sacred container of the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club, you will create the breakthroughs necessary to uncover your true, authentic voice and infuse it into your business and life so that you can create more money and impact from a place of greater confidence, courage, consistency, ease, and abundance.

This program was designed for driven women, and in particular, mompreneurs who want more out of their life and business so they can live on purpose and have the freedom and flexibility you desire for yourself and your family, but who may currently feel stuck, playing it safe, staying small, and settling, and are ready to change this pattern now.

Maybe you want to:

• Make more money with greater consistency doing the work that you LOVE

• Reach more ideal clients who love you, can’t get enough of you, and want what you offer

• Experience more time freedom to design your life around your desires for your family and your business

  • Create more of the amazing experiences you deeply desire to share with your family

• Create consistent money on demand when you simply share your gifts and authentically SHINE!

• Have beautiful travel experiences, work less and LIVE more, and seamlessly integrate your work with your life

• Have more freedom, flexibility, and FUN in your biz and life!

Whatever you desire, the key to creating it with greater ease, flow, consistency, confidence, and abundance is through reclaiming, trusting, and unleashing your true, authentic voice in all that you do.

Here is how the Wealthy Mompreneur Club Works:

  • Upon your enrollment, you receive an Orientation training that will prepare you for the program. 
  • Each month you will receive one live training with Jill. Trainings will blend mindset and strategy, providing instruction and guidance through exercises, activities, visualizations and self-reflections that will help you to discover, reclaim, integrate, and unleash your authentic voice in your business.
  • To support your journey you’ll also receive access to the 20 pre-recorded workshops that make up the Love Yourself RICH Process, with guidance from Jill on how and when to best use and apply these rich trainings as you grow in your ability to listen to and act on your authentic voice.
  • You will also have access to 2 transformational group coaching sessions with Jill each month where you can bring questions, challenges, and receive support and accountability as you integrate and implement your new ideas and as a result, start seeing the fruits show up in your business as more money, more clients, more inspired ideas, and more FUN!
  • Class size is limited to allow for plenty of personal support.
  • All classes will be recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can watch the recorded sessions at your convenience.

Here is the journey you will go through to become a Wealthy Mompreneur:

Module 1

The Voice of Desire: Give Yourself Permission to Create the Money Your Soul Desires

Your desire is the magic link between your purpose and your money, and is a key driving force in creating more abundant financial success in your business. Aren’t you tired of not having the money your soul truly desires?

Specifically, you will:

  • Discover the hidden money language of desire (you’ll NEVER discount your desires again once you learn this!)
  • Create a crystal-clear vision that becomes your GPS to the 5-star life, business, and bank account you crave
  • Kick your “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” to the curb so you can focus on what you’re here to do (and watch the money roll in!)
  • Finally free yourself from the belief that it’s selfish to want more (this block holds so many moms back from earning big money in their business)

Module 2

The Voice of Intuition: Activate Your Inner GPS and Navigate to the 5-Star Life, Business, and Bank Account You Crave With Ease

Your intuition is the voice of your soul and is constantly nudging your toward your deepest desires. If you’re not in tune with your intuition, you’re likely working too hard and wasting time, money, and energy. Isn’t it time you gave your higher self a seat at the table?

Specifically, you will:

  • Distinguish your ego voice from the voice of your higher truth and let your truth guide your financial decisions
  • Discover how intuitive information flows to you and start incorporating it into your business decisions
  • Ask the right questions that allow actionable guidance to lead you to more money
  • See new opportunities, new clients, and new inspired ideas show up seemingly effortlessly as you listen to your voice of intuition and follow its guidance.

Module 3

The Voice of Self-Acceptance: Uplevel Your Self-Worth and Watch Your Net Worth Skyrocket

Self-acceptance is the key to building a life and business that consistently and richly rewards you. Your net worth = your self-worth. Isn’t it time you reclaim the self-acceptance and innate worth you were born with so you can skyrocket your net worth?

Specifically you will:

  • Discover what’s been getting in the way of creating consistently bigger sums of money so you can let it go, once and for all
  • Drop the guilt and shame and reclaim your innate worth and value – when you do, your money won’t be able to resist you
  • Up-level your standards and sense of personal worth and value so that you can play BIG in your business AND make BIG money (no more playing small, settling, and downplaying the value of what you offer)
  • Have the confidence to be your true authentic abundant self and love yourself rich, no matter what anyone else thinks
  • Say good-bye to the aspects of your self-image that limit your money-making potential, once and for all and Discover and Claim the TRUE and RICH essence of YOU!

Module 4

The Voice of Trust: Power Up Your Ability to Receive and Create a Steady Flow of Ideal Clients Who Love to Pay You

Make your voice THE authority you listen to when it comes to making important money decisions. Isn’t it time you finally trust yourself (and life) so you can confidently and courageously make consistently great money in your business?

Specifically you will:

  • Learn how to trust yourself and your decisions so you have the courage to go after the money you want and get it (no more second-guessing!)
  • Create new habits that result in a steady, abundant flow of clients and money doing what you love (no more making “just enough” to get by)
  • Discover the secrets to turn on your “receive switch” (yes, the ability to receive is a TRUST issue) so you can remove the resistance that blocks your money from getting to you
  • Finally get off the income roller coaster and take control of your business now so you can create consistent income that supports your 5-star life and business

Module 5

The Voice of Money: Step Into Your Power With Money So You Can Ask For and Get What You Want

Your relationship with money determines the degree to which you create the thriving, financially abundant business you desire. Isn’t it time you work WITH your innate and unique blueprint for creating money rather than against it?

Specifically, you will:

  • Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes and learn how to work with them to unleash greater money flow in your business now
  • Create new money boundaries that lead to the money breakthrough you’ve been waiting for in your business
  • Connect with your vibration of wealth within, and see inspired ideas, opportunities, and synchronicities show up that match your new money frequency — you’ll literally become magnetic to money!
  • Empower your voice when it comes to money so you can ask for (and get) what you want

Module 6

Soulful Success Blueprint: Clarify Your Offer Positioning and Messaging for Sales Success

  • Infuse Your Authentic Voice into Your Message: Uncover your core values and purpose to infuse your offers with genuine meaning and resonance with your ideal client.
  • Connect with Your Ideal Clients: Learn how to deeply understand your target audience and speak directly to their needs and desires.
  • Craft a Compelling Story: Harness the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Clarify Your Transformational Promise: Define the tangible and intangible benefits of your offer to make it irresistible to your soul-aligned clients.

Module 7

Aligned for Abundance: Craft Your High-Value Offer That Sells Itself

  • Embrace Your Zone of Genius: Discover your unique gifts and talents and leverage them to create an offer that aligns with your purpose.
  • Price with Confidence: Overcome money blocks and set prices that reflect the true value of your offer.
  • Incorporate the 4 Components of an Aligned Offer so that it is irresistible to your ideal clients
  • Enhance the perceived value of your offer and amplify the results for your clients.

Module 8

Magnetic Brand Mastery: Unveil Your Captivating Brand

  • Define Your Soulful Brand Identity: Explore the visual and emotional elements that represent your purpose-driven brand.
  • Align Your Brand Story: Craft a brand narrative that authentically communicates your mission, values, and journey.
  • Create Your Sacred Visuals: Understand the power of colors, symbols, and imagery in conveying your brand’s spiritual essence.
  • Cultivate a Consistent Presence: Develop brand guidelines to maintain coherence across all touchpoints and create a memorable brand experience.

Module 9

Conscious Selling Formula: Embrace the Art of Soulful Sales Conversations

  • The Heart-Centered Sales Mindset: Overcome limiting beliefs about sales and embrace a conscious approach to selling.
  • Nurture Soulful Relationships: Build authentic connections with potential clients that create long-term relationships.
  • Art of Intuitive Selling: Learn to recognize your client’s needs and desires intuitively to offer personalized solutions.
  • Handle Objections with Grace: Turn objections into opportunities for deeper understanding and trust-building.

Module 10

Spiritual Money Magic: Design Your Prosperity Engine For Sustained Growth

  • Incorporate a sustainable Model for Consistent Money Growth
  • Pricing Strategies for Expansion: Implement dynamic pricing models that encourage expansion and scalability.
  • Implement Powerful Boundaries and Support Structures that propel you forward as a powerful leader (no burnout needed!)
  • Create an Abundance Mindset for limitless financial growth opportunities

Module 11

Divine Collaboration Secrets: Create Profitable JV Partnerships

  • The Power of Collaboration: Understand the benefits of joint ventures and partnerships in expanding your reach and impact.
  • Attract Ideal Collaborators: Identify and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who share your values and mission.
  • Co-Creation Strategies: Learn how to create win-win collaborations and design offerings that synergize your unique strengths.
  • Navigate Collaborative Challenges with Ease: Develop communication skills to resolve conflicts and maintain harmonious partnerships.
  • Forge fruitful alliances and expand your impact.

Module 12

Destined for Wealth: The Path to Becoming a Flourishing Mompreneur

  • Step into your worthiness and embrace your destiny as an awakened, wealthy mompreneur
  • Thriving in Abundance: Integrate all the teachings from the course to create a sustainable, purposeful, and abundant business and life.


BONUS #1: Wealthy Life Daily Self-Hypnosis

Create new opportunities, greater self-trust, increased momentum, and greater money flow in your life and business with this self-hypnosis audio. This is the same daily hypnosis I used for 90 days to attract in perfect ideal clients who I absolutely LOVE working with, all within 3 weeks of starting. Now I use this self-hypnosis whenever I feel like I need a boost in my money flow.

BONUS #2: Clear Your Money Clutter Training

Discover potential money leaks hidden right in plain sight with this training which walks you through 6 common money leaks and how to plug them up quickly. You know if it is money clutter because it feels unfinished, unresolved, messy and complicated, or it’s something you’ve been avoiding!

BONUS #3: Awaken Your Passion Program

Desire is the foundation for the fulfillment of your vision and purpose. Create crystal-clear clarity around what you want and what is most important to you through this audio program. A guided process with worksheets support you to create a vision and road map to live the life you desire. This is the perfect first step to take to lay the groundwork for the Love Yourself RICH Program if you aren’t sure exactly what you want.

How great would it be to…

  • Trust yourself to consistently make $8-10K every month in your business
  • Make a quantum leap to your next level financial goal
  • Have time and money freedom to spend more time with those you love
  • Create a bigger impact that transforms lives because you fully SHINE
  • Experience every day with a deep sense of fulfillment AND freedom in both your work AND life
  • Feel more authentic and on purpose in how you do business and in how you live your life
  • Reach more people who adore you, want what you offer, and can’t wait to pay you!
  • Gain the confidence to trust that you CAN and you WILL create great money doing your life’s work
  • Create money on demand through simply sharing your gifts!
  • Have more flexibility, fulfillment, and FUN in your biz and life!

Yes, all of this is possible when you love and accept yourself and create money from that place.

 I want to be clear. I’m not going to tell you precisely how to create YOUR dreams.

But I wil help you to DISCOVER who you are, show you how to ACCESS what your true voice is telling you, and guide you to RECLAIM, EMBODY, and INTEGRATE your own unique voice into your business so you stop getting in your own way and finally make consistently great money, live with purpose, and step into your vision – all by simply being YOU.

And that is what is possible for you in the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club.

Why waste more time NOT making progress on your precious dreams? Why continue to struggle month after month to make money? Why continue to wonder whether you have to quit your biz and go back and get a job?

Your true self knows you’ve got what it takes.

Are you ready to listen?

Yes, Jill!

I’m ready to enroll in the…

Wealthy Mompreneurs Club!

I understand that my enrollment in the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club includes the following:

• 12-Month In-Depth Training Program utilizing your signature Love Yourself RICH Process and High-End Sales Blueprint to help me connect with my authentic inner voice and unleash it in my business to to magnetize ideal clients, confidently charge premium prices, and live an exquisite lifestyle of your making. This will include exercises, processes, journal prompts, guided visualizations, and business application (approximately 1-2 recorded trainings and 1 live training per month)

• 12-Months of Small Group Coaching with Jill, twice per month

• Recordings of each training class and coaching session on our private program page in case I miss any of the live sessions or want to listen again

• Private Facebook Group to interact with other participants, share wins and challenges, create connections, network, and gain and give support

BONUS #1: Wealthy Life Daily Self-Hypnosis

BONUS #2: Clear Your Money Clutter Training

BONUS #3: Awaken Your Passion Program

Why waste time and energy trying a bunch of other people’s strategies when you could just simply discover what YOURS is (and then trust it enough to follow through with it)?

“I have without effort manifested so much in my life already with so little effort. I am speechless.”

“I want to thank you so much for your amazing help in my life. I have spent over $200,000 in training and you are definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have without effort manifested so much in my life already with so little effort I am speechless. Most importantly I love and appreciate myself more which means I will naturally love and appreciate others more. Thank you for being such an excellent role model. You have changed me from the inside and i am a better and happier person because of you.”

~ Dottie Fenton

Apply Now!

Apply for the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club

When you tap into your authentic voice, you realign yourself to your soul’s vision which creates the trust, courage and confidence to step fully step into your brilliance and create the consistent money you crave in your purpose-driven business while you build a life for you and your family that you love!

Are you ready to finally get out of your own way, step fully into the power you possess when you shine as the TRUE YOU, and make more money than you could every imagine simply by being, trusting, and sharing more of YOU?

Then let’s make that happen for you through the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club.

If you were to truly trust yourself and let yourself shine, how much differently you would you show up for your kids, your partner, your clients?

Imagine the impact it would have on your health, your happiness, your family life, and the confidence you feel as you move through your life, whether it is on a walk through your neighborhood, a vacation with your family, or on a walk across the stage and into the spotlight.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to discover and unleash the Wealthy Mompreneur in YOU?


~Jill Hope
Money Mindset Coach and Founder of I Shine

P.S. Not sure if the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club is right for you or think you need more personalized support?

I invite you to request a 6 Figure Business Breakthrough Session. In this session we’ll talk about your dream or goal, we’ll discuss what is currently getting in your way, we’ll identify your biggest opportunity for a breakthrough that will lead you to what you desire, and we’ll see if the Wealthy Mompreneurs Club can take you there.

Request your Breakthrough session here:

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