Finally …the breakthrough method to rediscover your passion and creative inspiration so your business lights you up again

What if you had the freedom to do your business and life on your terms WITHOUT sacrificing your profits?

Imagine rediscovering the passion and creative inspiration that initially fueled your business journey.

Imagine feeling energized, fulfilled, and excited about your business every day.

Imagine falling in love with your business (and life!) once again


How much more fulfilled would you feel if you could create a harmonious balance between your business success and your personal well-being?

But right now it may feel like a struggle to get there. You may feel exhausted and burnt out from working too hard due to the demands of running a successful business. 

Perhaps you are…

  • Drained from the constant hustle that keeps the money coming in
  • Bored with marketing and sales strategies that don’t reflect you or your values
  • Exhausted from struggling with team member problems, tech issues, and other business challenges
  • Wondering where you lost yourself (and your life) to the business that you used to love
  • Unfulfilled and feel a sense of emptiness, despite achieving success in your business

    If any of these things ring true for you, then I feel you.

    It’s not fulfilling to work so hard (even if you’re making a lot of money) if

    its burning you out and stealing your life! 

    I should know. I spent 22 years in a corporate job that brought me good money but was crushing my soul.

    I finally decided I couldn’t work another year for someone else’s agenda that didn’t align with my passions or values.

    I leapt into my first online business as a parent coach and children’s emotional wellness program creator. When I struggled in the early days of my business, I hired top coaches in the industry to figure out how to create a successful online business the “right” way.

    And after years of following the strategies of these online gurus, only to experience mixed success, I realized I was doing it again!

    I was working in a way that wasn’t aligned with my passions or values!

    And that’s when EVERYTHING began to change.

    Things started shifting in my business AND in my life. I started attracting ONLY ideal clients. I worked only when I wanted to (and not when I didn’t!). I had the freedom to go to all of my son’s sporting events. I traveled frequently, taking long weekend trips every couple of months, and more.

    Women started coming up to me after I spoke at events and told me how they would love to have a business like mine, and many of them asked me if I would coach them on their businesses.

    My first business coaching client who was previously in a busy corporate job enrolled 4 new clients in the first 3 months of us working together doing work she was crazy passionate about.

    Another manifested everything on her vision board related to her business and now runs a successful multi-6 figure business that fits in around her life, not the other way around.

    And yet another client got crystal clear on the direction she wanted to go and created her dream of running a successful energy healing business on her terms.


    All of this became possible when I reconnected with my passion and

    creative inspiration and designed my work around my ideal life and NOT

    the other way around

    I know you want your business to generate wealthy profits while also:

    • Spending time with those who mean the most to you
    • Feeling on purpose and fulfilled 
    • Traveling more with your family
    • Feeling refreshed and energized every day
    • Being totally in love with your work and your clients
    • Tapping into an inexhaustible space of inspiration and creative expression
    • Feeling both time AND money freedom

    …and loving every minute of your life.

    But you can’t do all of these things if you are exhausted, burnt out, and feeling like a slave to your business.

    And that’s why I’d love to help you in a Soul-Led Business Breakthrough Session.

    I know first hand what it’s like to work so hard that you feel like you don’t have a life. It’s awful to spend so much time on something and NOT feel inspired, passionate, energized, or on purpose doing it.

    Now I absolutely LOVE my work AND my life. I have tons of freedom in my days, I wake up energized and excited to do my work every day, I adore my clients and programs, I’m making more money than ever before AND I’m changing my clients lives while living my best life.

    So if you want to reignite the spark that makes your business uniquely yours, and fall in LOVE with your business (and life!) once again, then let’s talk.

    I’d like to help you get started with a Soul-Led Business Breakthrough Session (value $497)

    In this session, I’ll take a look how you’re operating in your business and find the number one reason you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, passion, and freedom.

    Then I’ll make a custom recommendation around what you need to finally unlock your passion, creativity, and excitement about your business while also opening up more freedom to enjoy your life again.

    There are only a limited number of sessions available during the next couple of weeks, and they get booked up quickly.

    This session is $497, however I am waiving this fee for a limited time. 

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