The Sacred Money Archetypes®

The Sacred Money Archetypes represent symbolic metaphors that help us understand our patterns and behaviors. They show us who we are so that we can become aware of and change our unconscious behaviors.

The archetypes are a pattern of power within you that contain a complete set of stories, beliefs, motivation, fears, and courage and they give you direction in making choices that help you live a life you love and help you step forward as a leader in your business or career.

When you align yourself with your personal archetypes, empowering your strengths and overcoming your challenges, and you make new decisions as a result of aligning with your archetypes, you increase your money flow and step onto your personal path to wealth.

Scroll down to watch the videos for your personal Sacred Money Archetypes. I recommend that you watch the videos for your Top 3 archetypes as well as your lowest archetype.

As you watch, pay attention to where there are similarities across your Top 3 archetypes, as these tendencies will be magnified for you. Also pay attention to the challenges of your archetypes, as this will be where you will want to focus your efforts if you wish to create greater money flow in your life.

When you are finished, if you wish to explore how you can incorporate your personal Sacred Money Archetypes into your business/career/life to help you reach your goals, I invite you to schedule a complimentary High End Sales Breakthrough Call with me.

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