Are you ready to shift your relationship with money and finally be free to live the bigger vision you dream of and make the impact you came here to make?

You want to make a difference in the world. There’s something in your heart that you know you MUST do. A mission to share your message and gifts with the world.

There is a feeling, a vision, driving you from deep within.

But something is stopping you from moving forward in a way that would make a significant difference, keeping you stuck, small, and settling.

You wonder if you can make significant money AND live the lifestyle you want to live doing what you love?

You’re afraid that if you take the steps you know you should take, you’ll risk a level of safety and security that keeps you comfortable.

You doubt the messages coming from your inner voice.

You have a lot of “what ifs” and “hows”… that stop you from fully committing to your dreams.

You may feel frustrated having to sacrifice or settle for less than what you want, again and again.

You know your self-doubt and money fears are keeping you stuck.

Fears about money that keep you from making decisions that would move you forward, like hiring that team member, or clinging to the safety of your job, or staying in an unfulfilling relationship that provides financial support, or something else that feels too risky to move on from.

“I have without effort manifested so much in my life already with so little effort. I am speechless.”

“I want to thank you so much for your amazing help in my life. I have spent over $200,000 in training and you are definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have without effort manifested so much in my life already with so little effort I am speechless. Most importantly I love and appreciate myself more which means I will naturally love and appreciate others more. Thank you for being such an excellent role model. You have changed me from the inside and i am a better and happier person because of you.”

~ Dottie Fenton.

Looking with Purpose

But you can’t say no to your soul any longer.

You know you need to deal with your self-doubt around money if you want to have the success, abundance, freedom, and impact you desire.

Here’s the thing: Hidden in your relationship with money are unconscious habits that keep you from stepping into opportunities and making the decisions that would move you forward toward your vision.

When you improve your relationship and become more empowered with money, you’ll remove a big block that stops so many people from stepping into the life you want.

Through a healthy relationship with money, you’ll get out of your own way and feel fully free to make the impact you are here to make in this world while living the life of your dreams.


Let’s face it…you can’t help people in any significant way if your business is broke!

Woman Staring

You also can’t help people if you aren’t willing to make the investments in yourself and in your business that will allow you to grow to match your vision.

And you certainly won’t be living the life of your dreams!


You can’t help others thrive and live your highest vision for your life if you aren’t willing to get out of your comfort zone and move past your self-doubt and money stuff.

Discover Who you are

When you discover who you are when it comes to your money, you can shift your relationship with money from one that keeps you stuck, small, and settling for the safety and security of the status quo, to one that fully supports you in creating the meaningful, thriving, abundant business and life you desire.

And that is where the power of the Sacred Money Archetypes comes in. Understanding your Sacred Money Archetypes and viewing your money habits and patterns from the perspective of your top archetypes can help you create a powerful shift in your relationship with money.

When you leverage the wisdom contained within your archetypes and see how they influence your relationship with money and your ability to make an impact in the world and live the life you came here to live, you open up your money flow and step into your money power.


Because of the power that comes from understanding and working with your Sacred Money Archetypes, I’m excited to offer you a brand new program that will open up your money flow and help you step into your money power…”


The Wealth Within Program

Use the Power of Your Sacred Money Archetypes to Unleash More Money,
More Meaning, and a Life that You Love

Happy Woman

The Wealth Within Program is a 6-week program for conscious, success-minded changemakers who want to live a bigger life making a difference in the world. Does that describe you? If so, and you’re ready to get out of your own way, stop playing it safe, small, and settling, and step into your money power so you can make the unique impact you came here to make, this program is the perfect next step for you.

Through this program, you will:


  • Uncover your 3 core money strengths (and learn how to use them to make more money in your life, business, or career)
  • Take your income to a new level when you free yourself to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear
  • Identify your unconscious sabotaging behavior (it’s a blessing to be in control of your life in this way, authentically and easily)
  • Gain confidence to create new money boundaries that lead to a money breakthrough in your life, business (or career)
  • Connect with your vibration of wealth within, and see inspired ideas, opportunities, and synchronicities show up
  • Empower your voice when it comes to money so you can ask for (and get) what you want
  • Integrate your new money insights and create actionable next steps that set you a new empowering path with money
  • Unleash a new sense of freedom in your life!

How much better does it get?

Life is good

“I am achieving my end result of abundance, and NEVER dreamed it would come about the way it is!”

“I realized that in working with Jill, my life went up to a whole new frequency. I am achieving my end result of abundance, and NEVER dreamed it would come about the way it is!! After a stellar month, I am eager to continue working with Jill to learn how to live like this on a daily basis, replace old thought patterns and soar (so it wasn’t just a great month, but becomes a lifestyle).

I am so grateful to Jill for starting me on a path that is actually delivering results (because, let’s face it, I watched the Secret). What makes her so effective? She listens deeply to understand, and therefore provides relevant guidance. She also has tremendous wisdom, vulnerability and humor. If you are ready to do the work, she is a powerful catalyst and guide.”

~ Stephanie Y.

Here is the pathway we’ll take to help you tap into your wealth within:

Class 1: Connect With Your Sacred Money Archetypes and Create More Money Freedom

In this class we’ll revisit your Sacred Money Archetypes, you’ll go deeper with your archetypes, and you will discover a powerful tool that can help you make money decisions from a new, more empowered place.

You’ll also understand at a deeper level how your Sacred Money Archetypes have been influencing your money decisions and identify where you need to put your focus to create more money freedom.

Class 2: Step Into the Energy of Money

In this class, you’ll experience a visualization where you will literally step into the vibration of wealth and as a result, transform how you feel about money. You’ll also get crystal clear on what you really value and create specific, powerful actions that can transform how money shows up for you.

You’ll also create a plan that will help you move forward from a place of authenticity, alignment, and clarity when it comes to your money.

Class 3: Empower Your Money Voice and Break Through Your Money Boundaries

In this class you’ll create alignment/integrity within yourself and create life-changing money boundaries as a result that increase cash flow and self-respect.

This step will help you to…

– Access your courage and confidence when discussing money with partner, colleagues, clients, etc.
– Stop the money leaks that can be costing their inner self-worth and income
– Pinpoint your money blindspot and what it’s costing you
– Stop discounting your worth and own your value with your fees or salary
– How to create life-changing money boundaries that increase cash flow and self-respect

Class 4: Shift Your Money Story Perspective and Write Your New Money Story

In this class you’ll experience an exercise that will create unique shift in your mindset when it comes to your relationship with money and allow you to literally write your new money story.

Class 5: Step Into and Claim Your New and Improved Relationship With Money

In this class you’ll capture your insights, breakthroughs, and new money decisions and apply them to the key areas of your life and/or business.

Class 6: Celebration and Insights Call

In this final class we will celebrate all that you have learned and ensure that you have a solid plan and next steps to implement as you leave the program.

“Jill’s Wealth Within Program was so informative and interactive! I learned a huge amount about how I deal with wealth issues, and how to change that now.”

~Julie Little

Here’s How The Wealth Within 6 Week Program Works:

  • The program will start on Thursday, June 10 and run through Thursday, July 15 via the zoom platform.
  • All classes will be recorded so if you can’t attend the live class, you can watch the recorded video at your convenience.
  • In the program you will be guided through a number of proven exercises, processes, journal prompts, and visualizations that will help you become intimate with your relationship with money and see where you sabotage and where you can personally empower yourself in your money decisions.
  • You’ll also be given a guidebook to download and refer to during the program and to record your most valuable insights and breakthroughs to refer to again and again.
  • Integration videos will be provided between classes to help you integrate your insights and breakthroughs.
  • Sharing and Q&A / laser coaching will also be part of the live classes
  • Our final class will be a Celebration Call to review and celebrate your insights and breakthroughs and clarify your next steps.

“The sacred money archetype session was so powerful for me. ”

“It was astonishing to see the patterns and habits I have so clearly laid out and helped me understand how they are impacting my life choices. I have a strong desire to make a career change but am blocked due to some of these money mindsets, so understanding them and your guidance in the session is really helping me to get past these blocks. Thank you for this gift of insight!”

~ Jill H.

Wherever you’re at in your relationship with money currently, you will identify your money blocks, empower your unique money gifts, and grow more intimate in how you relate with money through the process of this program.

“Her intuition is strong and her skill as a coach is sure to help you realize your money goals.”

“I am not an easy client, I’ve done just about every program out there and have coached with the best. But Jill is not your run-of-the-mill coach. Her patience and commitment to helping you make a breakthrough is unsurpassed. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll see what I mean. Her intuition is strong and her skill as a coach is sure to help you realize your money goals.”

~ Dana Mayer,
Executive Coach

Isn’t it time to stop playing it safe, small, and settling? Isn’t it time to stop doubting your voice and trust your inner knowing? Isn’t it time to finally be free to live the bigger vision you dream of making the impact you came here to make?

Are you ready to step into your power with money?

Are you ready?

Yes Jill! I’m ready to enroll in…

“The Wealth Within Program”

I understand that my enrollment in The Wealth Within Program includes the following:


  • 6-week group program live with Jill on the zoom platform, including exercises, processes, journal prompts, guided visualizations, and Q&A/laser coaching.
  • Recordings of each class in case I need to miss any of the live classes or want to listen again
  • The Wealth Within Guidebook to help me follow along and capture my notes as I go through the retreat
  • Integration videos in between classes to help me embody my insights as I move through the program
  • A Celebration Call in Class #6 to highlight and celebrate my insights and clarify and energize my next steps
  • BONUS: Clear Your Money Clutter Training ($47 value)
  • BONUS: 88 Daily Activities to Strengthen Your Personal Relationship with Money ($47 value)

My private clients pay thousands of dollars to work with me privately, utilizing many of the processes that I’ll guide you through in this program. However, you’re not going to pay that, because I want to make this an EASY YES for you.

Regular Program Price: $997

Your Summer Special Price:

(save $700!)

You’ll play a bigger game in your life and business when you empower your relationship with money. And when you do, you’ll receive the keys to claiming your success, abundance, freedom, and impact.


P.S. It is my joy, gift, and honor to help people like you connect with your true wealth within, and in doing so, create lasting transformation in your outer wealth results.

Enroll in The Wealth Within Program

Regular Program Price: $997

Your Summer Special Price:

(save $700!)

P.P.S. Have a question about The Wealth Within Program and whether this program is right for you? Click here to send an email now, with “Question about Money Program” in the subject line. I will be in touch ASAP.

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