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Confidently Attract

High-Paying Clients

Who Love You


…having the trust, courage and confidence to create a massive uplevel with money in your purpose-driven business so you can you build the lifestyle you crave.

This is what is possible when you align yourself to your soul’s vision, unleash your authentic voice, and incorporate that into your business.

Life is good

When you finally get out of your own way, fully step into your power, and shine as the TRUE YOU, you’ll make more money

than you could ever imagine.

If you were to truly TRUST yourself and let yourself SHINE, how much differently would you show up for…

…your kids?

…your partner?

…your clients?

Imagine the impact it would have on your health, your happiness, your family life, and the confidence you feel as you move through your life, whether it is walking through your neighborhood, enjoying a vacation with your family, or walking across the stage and into the spotlight.

You can create this level of freedom simply by showing up in your business being, trusting, and

sharing more of you.

The key is to
own your value

I believe you are meant to follow the soul-led desires of heart, shine your light, share your gifts, and profit abundantly.

That is the mission of I Shine® and it is how I am here to serve you.

I help you connect with your true, authentic voice (the 5 Voices of Your Authentic, Abundant Self) and infuse them in your business so that you have a financially thriving business and lifestyle that feels oh-so-YOU.

This is what it means to love yourself RICH and it’s where you’ll find your freedom.

You CAN attract high-paying Soulmate Clients doing the work that you love and that is aligned with your soul. And I am excited to help you!

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Your value is NOT in how much you produce or in how well you produce it!

In this on-demand masterclass (value $497), discover the secret to let your unique value SHINE so you can run your business (and life!) from a place of ease, flow, and deep authenticity.

“The ideas I share in this masterclass will create the foundation for your most POWERFUL, EXPANSIVE year yet!”

~Jill Hope
Money Mindset Coach and Founder of I Shine