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How to Be Seen and Heard by Clients

Mar 8, 2024

There is one question not enough business owners ask themselves that has the power to open up doors that were otherwise closed, and finally be seen and heard by your ideal clients. This is a question that I recently asked in my Soul-Led Business Mentorship that resulted in exactly that , and in this video I’m going to share what that question is that has the power to help you be seen and heard by clients, and then at the end of the video I’m going share why this question actually helps you understand how to be seen and heard by clients, so stick around until the end for that.

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Hi, I’m Jill

Welcome to IShine Wealth! I’m excited to be your guide as you uncover the riches within you, own your true value, and express it in your business in a way that attracts ideal high-paying clients who love you. 

How did I get here? After leaving a successful 22 year corporate career to follow my passions and start my own coaching business, I thought it would be easy to make money in my new venture.

Boy was I wrong. Through all of my struggles to “do it right” and follow coaches who had already created their success, I realized in the pursuit to follow everyone else’s 7-step path to success, I hadn’t discovered MY path.

This discovery led me on a journey of self-discovery to find my own unique path in my business, one that aligned with my true value and authentic self.

Now I’m excited to help other women like you to discover YOUR unique value and incorporate it into your business and life to create the ease, flow, and peace you desire. 


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