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I’m so excited you’ll be joining me to learn the 5 essential keys to stepping into and owning your value in your business (and life!) in this on-demand masterclass…

“Own Your Value: 5 Essential Keys to Run Your Business (and Life) With More Ease, Flow, and Fulfillment’

Do you want to get started right away to own your value in your business and kick off 2024 from a place of ease, flow, and peace?

>> Schedule a 1:1 “Soul-Led Business Breakthrough Session” with me

Jill Hope, Founder, I Shine®

In the Soul-Led Business Breakthrough Session, we will:

  • Take a close look at your business and your current lifestyle and discover the number one reason you’re not experiencing your success from a place of ease and flow.
  • Then I’ll make a custom recommendation for what you need to finally unlock your value and authenticity so that you “do” business and life from a place of deep fulfillment.

About Your Host, Jill Hope
Founder of I Shine®

After leaving a successful 22 year corporate career to follow my passions and start my own coaching business, I thought it would be easy to make money in my new venture.

Boy was I wrong. Through all of my struggles to “do it right” and follow coaches who had already created their success, I realized in the pursuit to follow everyone else’s 7-step path to success, I hadn’t discovered MY path.

This discovery led me on a journey of self-discovery to find my own unique path in my business, one that aligned with my true value and authentic self.

Now I’m excited to help other women like you to discover YOUR unique value and incorporate it into your business and life to create the ease, flow, and peace you desire. 

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